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hero homepage podium tropheco

1st edition - 2014


prize Weight and/or volume reduction


Transportation packaging for cosmetic tubes


With this project, the packaging weight and/or volume has been reduced by 40%. Moreover the empty space has been reduced and the number of products per box has been increased, what led to a reduction in the number of trucks.

prize Origin of materials

Produit nettoyant multi usage

Multi-use cleaning product

Boma - Ecover

The packaging is not made any more with polyethylene coming from petroleum, but with a vegetal material and is 100% recyclable. With the "refill", Ecover reduces the use of packaging materials and therfore the number of trucks.

prize End of life

Plateau de transport

Transportation plate


This packaging can be used in "a closed loop" with a life recycling and an exemption system has been introduced in order to recycle the great number of packaging.

Prize "Coup de coeur"

Approche globale

Global approach

Sources Rosport

Sources Rosport follow ISO 14001, have obtained the labels ""Superdrëckskëscht" and "Entreprise Socialement Responsable" and use the NOVA NATUR Stroum from Enovos. Moreover, the company selects its suppliers according to distances and specially in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, what has an impact on the CO2 emissions caused by transportation.

Awards Ceremony

17 April 2014

Septfontaines castle


jury shampoo cartoon

5:30 pm

Welcome in the stables of the Septfontaines castle

6:00 pm:

  • Word of welcome by Lucien Bertemes, VALORLUX President
  • Speech of Carole Dieschbourg, Minister of the environment
  • Presentation of the Trophéco competition by Ernest Boever, VALORLUX General manager
  • Closing ceremony hosted by Camille Ney
  • Cocktail dinner in the lounges of the castle