The overall aim

The Trophéco award aims to reward and promote sustainable and eco-friendly packaging sold in Luxembourg with the help of a panel of experts. It offers winning businesses a unique opportunity to promote their products.

The award

Winning the Trophéco competition means obtaining certification in the form of a strong and recognizable logo. This certification is designed to make it easier to recognize the product packaging's sustainable characteristics.
For consumers, it guarantees that the packaging has been produced using environmentally-friendly methods.

The award

Winning the Trophéco prize means:


Being recognized by a panel of experts made up of consumer representatives from the private, public and scientific sectors.


Use of a recognizable label that can be added to all types of communication and displayed on the winner's product packaging.


Access to a wide-reaching package of visibility. The winning brand and packaging will be promoted through images used in a multimedia promotional campaign aimed at the general public (in the press and on the internet, notably on Facebook).


september 18 2017

Official start of Trophéco 2018. Opening of applications

february 28 2018

Deadline for application sending

march 2018

Jury deliberation

april 24 2018

Awards ceremony of the 2nd edition of Trophéco


The jury is made up of people coming from public, private and scientific sectors as well as of consumers representatives:

Anne Majerus

Anne Majerus

Technical and economical advisor

Chambre des Métiers

Joseph Rodesch

Joseph Rodesch

Scientific mediator

Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg

Marc Wagener

Marc Wagener

Director of Economic Affairs

Chambre de Commerce

Nico Hoffmann

Nico Hoffmann



Robert Schmit

Robert Schmit


Administration de l'environnement

Steff Schaeler

Steff Schaeler

Managing partner

ECO-Conseil s.à r.l.

Sylvie Fasbinder

Sylvie Fasbinder

Executive officer



The organizer of Trophéco is:

VALORLUX a.s.b.l.
22, rue de l’industrie
L-8399 Windhof

logo valorlux


With this award, VALORLUX pursues three objectives:


It informs the general public on the efforts made by the producers in order to reduce the packaging waste or to enhance the recycling of the packaging materials.


It raises awareness of the public authorities that VALORLUX represents the sector of Parties responsible for packaging and has the expertise in this field.


It enhances the Party responsible for packaging, the manufacturer/importer/distributor, member of VALORLUX, to put more environment-friendly packaging on the market .